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 Dehydrated Garlic Granule
Garlic grainAlso called dried garlic granule, dehydrated garlic granule is widely used in the industry of flavoring and processing, nutritious food and pharmacy. Our company can produce dehydrated garlic granule in various specifications of 8-16 meshes, 16-26 meshes, 26-40 meshes, 40-60 meshes, 40-80 meshes and 100-120 meshes in mass production, and can process according to the clients requirement. The dehydrated garlic granule produced by our company, is processed by selecting the superior garlic with shelling, peeling, washing, drying, picking, grinding, packaging and other procedures, which is characterized by yellowish bright color without black point, lower than 6% of moisture content, lower than 50 PPM of dioxide sulfur content, non-pesticide residue, non-excessive microorganism, additive-free, preservative-free and long guarantee period, etc. The dehydrated garlic granule produced by ZhangYun Food Company is packaged with carton and aluminum foil bag with the weight specification of 12.5kg/bag and 25kg/carton, can also pack according to the clients' requirement. Our dehydrated garlic granule is in high and good quality. Welcome the domestic and overseas clients to phone and mail for business negotiation!

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